The city of history and culture

City of Krk is one of the oldest urban settlements in Croatia. Some maintain that Homer knew of Krk. The town is situated in the southwestern part of the island, in a large cove bordering Punat.

After Mali Lošinj, Krk is the largest island village on the Adriatic coast.

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If you want to forget your daily routine and have a relaxing brake, you have chosen the right destination. The ancient town of Krk surrounded by the city walls merging with the fascinating blue sea. Its church spires touch the sky. In our town you are the guest and a friend of the island of Krk and its inhabitants.

The beaches

Town of Krk abounds with beaches so you can find various types to everyone's wishes and needs. From the many beaches and bays with its equipment emphasize four Blue Flag beaches including: beach Ježevac, Porporella, Dražica and Politin. Beach Porporella and Ježevac are gravel beaches which are connected to each other and are equipped for summer fun guests.

Activities in Krk

Also, the offer can be found and picnic trips with swimming, which is frequented by smaller islands such as Plavnik, Gregory and Naked Island and all kinds of one-day or half-day excursions by boat by guests such as: Fishing excellent fishing tools or diving.